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Body Grooming for Men.


Waxing Options

ServicePrice ServicePrice
Full Face $45 Full Arm $37
Lips $12 Half Arm $27
Chin $12 Underarm $17
Nose $12 Full Leg $37
Burns/Cheeks $12 Brazillian $67
Brow Shaping $17 Full Back $47
Brow Artistry $27 Half Back $27
   Full Chest $27
   Stomach/Abs $27
   Hands & Feet $17
   Full Body $200

Shaving Options

If waxing is not on your list of options or preferences, we offer shaving services for your needs

Shaving possibilities and rates are arranged through discussions with our specialists.


Alternative Options

We offer other trimming and treatment options beyond waxing and shaving for all your grooming needs. One exclusive service is ear candling.

Ear candling is an effective, comforting, and holistic treatment for ear wax build-up that improves hearing, hygene, and feeling for the ear.

Candling treatments are $20. All other treatments and rates are arranged in consultation with our specialists after understanding your needs and desires.

Grooming Center Policies and Etiquette

The Male Grooming Center strives to meet our clients' highest expectations. We follow rigorous standards and deliver customized services. In order to serve our clients well, the following policies apply to all services:

  • All appointments and communications are by text message only. This ensures we are not disturbing your appointment with other phone calls.
  • Appointments are scheduled same day.
  • Client appointment confirmation texts are required to ensure our bookings are orderly.
  • Cancellation texts are requested to allow for rescheduling. Things do come up, but please give us as much notice as possible.
  • Because grooming is an intimate process, please prepare as you would fopr a medical appointment. Arriving unbathed or overly fragranced may result in your appointment being rescheduled.

Please Note: while we do have a restroom, we do not have a full shower facility at the Grooming Center at this time. Please plan accordingly.

We look forward to serving your grooming needs and your joining our many satisfied clients!